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Monthly Archives: July 2019


Diet Recommendations for an Accurate Pregnancy Glucose Test

Being pregnant is a huge feat of physical, emotional, and psychological strength. Every woman who has gone through at least one pregnancy can attest to that, and along with the changes that your body goes through is the risk of developing gestational diabetes. During pregnancy, your body naturally becomes resistant to insulin. This allows for

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Tips on How to Pass the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test

Every year, 2% to 10% of pregnancies in America are affected by gestational diabetes. A serious threat to both the mother and the child’s health, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus can lead to complications such as high blood pressure, obstructed labor, premature birth, and the baby’s increased birthweight. While gestational diabetes usually goes away after giving birth,

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Diabetes Test Kit Buying Guide

The key to managing diabetes is controlling your blood sugar or blood glucose. In order to avoid complications and reduce the risk of nerve damage, kidney disease, seizures, and blindness, accurate testing must be given due importance. Accurate test results help you adjust your diet, exercise regimen, and treatment plan. This is why you must

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How to Save Money on Diabetes Test Strips

Glucose test strips are an essential part of managing diabetes. These nifty little strips of plastic and cutting-edge engineering are an important component of keeping your blood sugar levels in check. The total that an average diabetic patient spends on managing their diabetes is over $7,000. Though most of that goes to hospital stays, medical

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Is it Legal to Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetic test strips are those nifty little strips that tell you how high or low your glucose levels are. Some people may take having them for granted but in some places around the world, those strips can be as valuable to diabetic patients like gold. This is why some diabetic patients sell their unused supplies,

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Donating Unused Test Strips: A Guide

Diabetes used to be a death sentence until the early 1920s when insulin was discovered. In 2015, diabetes was seventh in the leading cause of deaths in the United States. The cost of diabetes runs in the billions, from diagnosing the disease to medical costs and reduction in productivity by diabetic patients. In particular, the

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