Damage Guide Line

Read our guidelines below for acceptable product conditions

We understand transparency is key, and we wanted to make sure there is no confusion as to what your payout will be when an order is sent to our location. For orders that we receive where the box is damaged, but still factory sealed we are accepting boxes at a discounted rate of our overall payout per that product if that box reaches our lower expiration date criteria. Please keep in mind that we must resell these products, even the slightest of damage lowers the value significantly.

What do we consider acceptable damage?

+ Acceptable damage is defined as any of the following if the box’s seal and expiration date are not compromised:

+ Tears on the box; Indents; Crushing; Scrapes; Creasing; Bending; Discoloration; Ink; Staining.

Please refer to the photos below for examples of each of these.

How to avoid potential damage and what to look for

EASY! First, do NOT remove your labels. You may mark over your personal information with a soft black magic marker if you’d like, making sure NOT to mark on the box. Second, make sure to examine your boxes carefully for any broken safety seals and look for any potential damage. If you are unsure about something please feel free to email us a question at Support@teststripbuyers.com. Lastly, package your items carefully into the box we have provided to you.

What do we consider unacceptable items?

Unacceptable damage is defined as anything that contains a broken safety seal or hole in the box, an expiration date that is unreadable, any item that is not listed on our website, and an item that’s expiration date that does not meet our criteria. Please refer to pictures below for items deemed unacceptable.

What happens when we receive unacceptable items?

Please do not send these to us as we can not use these boxes that do not meet our criteria of what we do accept. We will NOT be able to send these back to you if you send us any items that meet our unacceptable items criteria.