Shipping Instructions

Check the items you are shipping. Ensure boxes are unopened and sealed.

Check the Expiration dates, we cannot purchase expired test strips.

Check the items you are shipping. Ensure boxes are unopened and sealed.

Place your boxes into your mail kit, and tape the box.


Yes, you can sell your diabetic test strips if you are the legal owner of them. Anyone can buy test strips, even without a prescription, so as long as you buy the test strips yourself, or receive them legally through an insurance company, you are free to sell them. Diabetic test strips obtained through Medicare or Medicaid are clearly marked “for use by Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries Only”, therefore, they cannot be sold.

No. Please do not remove the label. You may mark over your personal information with a soft black magic marker if you’d like, making sure NOT to mark on the box.

Before completing your order, you will be asked to choose to receive a check or PayPal as your preferred method of payment. We will release payment after receiving & inspecting your shipment. Once that is done, we will send a confirmation email to notify you.

We cover all shipping costs! Simply check the home page with your contact info and we will send you a prepaid shipping box and label. Just drop your test strips in the box and send it back. It’s that easy!

Please do not do this. We are only able to purchase the items listed on our website and that meet the damage and expiration date guidelines. If you ship any strips that are not shown on our website and that do not meet the damage and expiration date guidelines , we are not able to pay for them or ship them back to you. These will be donated. Please review the website and price list carefully.

More questions ? Please view our faq page.