Healthy Supplements For Diabetes

While letting your food provide you with all your essential vitamins and minerals is always best, more and more people are adding additional supplements to their diet to improve their health. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, people living with diabetes are more likely to use supplements. Let’s take a look at some healthy supplements for diabetes that claim the promise of being additional treatments.


As a vital nutrient in everyone’s diet, magnesium contains many health benefits. Not only will it help regulate blood pressure, but can also regulate insulin sensitivity (especially in diabetics). In addition, its other functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, and supporting the immune system—making it extremely beneficial!

Vitamin B-1

Also known as thiamine, Vitamin B-1 is an excellent choice for people with diabetes. This is because many also contain a thiamine deficiency. With low levels of thiamine being linked to heart disease and blood vessel damage, it’s crucial to make sure you are at a healthy level. This is where a supplement can come in handy!



While cinnamon may not be your average “supplement,” it is found in most kitchens and added to many dishes. Chinese medicine has been using this spice for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. A good number of studies have determined that it can help lower fasting glucose levels, has anti-inflammatory properties and can improve sensitivity to insulin. Start adding it to your morning cup of coffee, oatmeal, smoothies, you name it!

Supplements are not there to REPLACE standard diabetic treatments, but they can certainly help. As always, it’s very important that you speak with your primary care doctor before starting any sort of supplement. Some products can interfere with other medications and treatments. Thus, verifying that it is safe from a healthcare professional is always the way to go!