How to Save Money on Test Strips

With over 30 million Americans living with diabetes, chances are everyone knows somebody who needs a regular supply of testing strips. This is one item that can’t be skipped whenever wallets get tight as diabetics are required to test their blood glucose levels multiple times a day, requiring a brand new strip for each test. Those costs can really begin to add up after time so let’s take a moment to examine some ways to save money the next time you shop for these critical supplies.

Shop Around For Great Deals

If money is a little tight, it might be worth it to invest in diabetic testing supplies that are closer to your ideal price range. Name brand strips will cost more but you can find off-brand versions that will work just as well. These days, you can also get the big names at a discounted rate when you shop with companies that buy surplus testing strips in unopened boxes from consumers.

Get Some Free Education

Many communities offer free classes and other resources for locals to learn more about diabetes. These events are usually held at public schools or health and wellness fairs and feature experts in the field for guests to consult with. These professionals just might have some tips and tricks for saving money on your supplies so it’s worth it to check them out.

Ask Your Doctor For Samples

Representatives for various medical supply companies are frequently visiting doctor’s offices to try and expand their client’s customer base and often end up giving lots of samples to effectively illustrate the efficacy of the product. That means doctors often have lots of free supplies to give to their patients — all you have to do is ask!

Buy In Bulk

It’s no secret that buying several months worth of anything can result in a discount! That logic rings true for diabetic testing supplies, too. Search online for companies that sell their testing strips in bulk to start racking in the savings.

Sign Up For A Prescription Assistance Program

A lot of big pharmaceutical companies and charities have started programs to assist patients who can’t afford their prescriptions or medical supplies. Qualifying individuals can pay as little as $0 for their strips! You’ll need to have insurance and will be required to fill out some paperwork before you can get started.

There are so many ways to save money on your diabetic testing strips and other medical supplies! Here at, we’ve got a wide range of options you can shop — all at a discounted rate in their original unopened packaging. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration —  how do you save on your testing supplies? Let us know!