3 Experiences I Would Have Missed if I didn’t Have Diabetes

Getting diagnosed with diabetes can be a scary thing. It often means drastic changes to your everyday life that can be overwhelming — not to mention, lots of needles! Living with diabetes isn’t easy either. It takes a lot of work — monitoring sugar levels, managing diet and exercise, and making sure to take all necessary medications as directed. Yet, there are some experiences I would have missed if I had never been diagnosed. Let’s take a look at three of them!

Learning the Valuable Skill of Mindfulness – One of the ways I learned to cope with my diagnosis was through mindfulness and meditation. Learning to quiet my mind helps me deal with stress in general, and I’m grateful for this beneficial skill.

Learning to Listen to and Care for My Body – Having to pay close attention to my diet, exercise, and physical health taught me to listen to my body in a whole new way. Did you know that your sugar levels can spike after prolonged periods of exercise? Neither did I until I had to learn. Now, not only do I take better care of my diet and exercise, but I’ve also quit smoking!

Learning to Work with My Mental Health – In order to take better care of my body, I also had to learn to take care of my mind. Once I was diagnosed with diabetes, I could no longer continue to bury my problems. I had to address them and work through them, with the help of a very talented therapist. The insight I have gained is immeasurable, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. 

Life with diabetes can be full of challenges, but each challenge is a new opportunity to live a better life. I would have missed all of these opportunities and more if I had never been diagnosed with diabetes. Sometimes life’s greatest difficulties can lead to our greatest strengths. 
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