Insulin Injections or Pump: Which Is Right For You?

Some patients living with type-1 diabetes may eventually find themselves facing down the question — do I want to use daily injections or an insulin pump to manage my blood sugar levels? It’s a challenging question to answer — let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each option to help you better decide which is right for you.

Insulin Pumps

The first major benefit of switching to a pump system is that you don’t have to inject yourself multiple times per day. Instead, a type of blunt needle called a cannula is placed in the body every few days. This is connected to a tube which connects to a small pump. Once set up, all you need to do for a dose of insulin is press a button. That’s pretty convenient — but there are other benefits as well. One many patients find helpful is the fact that pumps are programmable — meaning you can set it to deliver a dose at a specific time of day, even if you’re sleeping! That makes forgetting to take your medicine a thing of the past.

Insulin Injections

Of course, there are downsides to insulin pumps that make injections seem like the better option — and there are diabetics to end up making that choice! One reason an injection is better than a pump is that a pump can only be disconnected from your body for short periods of time — like for a shower — and is something you’ll have to carry around with you always. There are also long stretches of tubing that may sometimes get caught on things or get tangled and become a nuisance. A needle, on the other hand, is much more discrete so it doesn’t get in the way and only needs to make an appearance when it’s time for an injection. Daily injections are also far easier to learn how to use in the beginning and come with less complications — things like dying pump batteries, air bubbles in the tubing, and other issues don’t exist with needles.

The Bottom Line

There is no clear cut winner in the debate between injections or pumps when it comes to the management of insulin levels for diabetics. Ultimately, the choice that’s right for you is the one you’re most comfortable with. Either way, we have the supplies you need at the lowest prices available here at Diabetic Discounts — no matter which method you pick. Check out our product page today to see how much you can save.