Where Can I Sell Unused Test Strips?

So You Have Unused Diabetic Test Strips You’re Ready to Sell?

The diabetic population in the U.S. alone uses approximately 60 to 90 million diabetic test strips per day. Since these strips provide an immediate blood sugar level reading for the patient, they are a really important tool for managing the diabetic condition.

When you have more diabetic test strips than you need, selling your unused strips (in the unopened original packaging) is a great option!

Where Can I Sell My Unused Test Strips?

While there are some places to sell Test Strips in person, and many online places — Test Strip Buyers is super easy. All you do is use a pre-paid postage label and the shipping box we provide. There is no hassle, no guessing and you receive payment quickly (within 24 hours of receiving your shipment if you select PayPal payment method). The process is simple and transparent.

To sell your diabetic test strips directly to Test Strip Buyers:

  1. Check out the Products Test Strip Buyers will buy
  2. Request a Free Shipping Kit
  3. Double check your expiration dates and that you have unopened packages
  4. Ship in your test trips
  5. Get paid

Is it Legal to Sell Diabetic Supplies?

Diabetic Test Strips are an over-the-counter medical supply and therefore completely legal to sell to a third party without a prescription. If your strips are provided through Medicare or Medicaid, you are not eligible to sell your test strips.