How to Sell Your Diabetic Supplies 101

Do you or a loved one have extra, unopened, and unexpired diabetic supplies that are collecting dust? Did you know that companies like Test Strip Buyers will buy back diabetic test strips and pay you cash? Rather than letting these expensive tools that you no longer need go to waste, sell your diabetic supplies and make some extra spending money. 

The Rise of Diabetic Test Strips

Developed in 1965, test strips provided an immediate reading for blood sugar or glucose levels. To use a test strip, the user pricks their finger, distributes blood on the test strip, and then inserts the strip into the meter. Thus, providing a reading within minutes, and in some cases seconds. 

Although the test strips were created only for use in doctors’ offices, by 1980, manufacturers developed meters for at-home use. This quickly became a staple for those living with diabetes because they are required to test their blood up to 10 times a day. The test stip industry quickly became a multibillion-dollar business, accounting for roughly a quarter of pharmacy costs among insulin-dependent individuals who monitor their blood sugar. 

Why Sell Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic supplies are expensive. If you no longer need or have use of an unexpired and unopened box of test strips, insulin, or other supplies, why let them go to waste? Sell your diabetic supplies and earn easy cash. Four of the top reasons why individuals sell their diabetic supplies include:

  1. Make quick and easy cash.
  2. Helping others who need supplies.
  3. Helping the environment.
  4. Rid yourself of clutter.   

How to Sell 

At Test Strip Buyers, we want the selling process to be as simple as possible for each customer. We have displayed a photo and the price we pay for each product accepted on our website. Making the selling process easy, painless, and clear. Below are the steps on how to sell your products and start making money.

  • Check our product page to see which brands we accept.
  • Check the expiration dates on your supplies. For reference, supplies that expire between 6-8 months dated will receive a 50% payout for their products. Supplies that expire 9 months or more will receive a 100% payout for the products sold. Visit our website for updated expiration dates.
  • Boxes with damage, rips or tears, writing on the box, creases, or discoloration will only qualify for a 50% payout. We advise our customers to leave any labels or stickers on the box to avoid damages. We will remove them for you!
  • Fill out all required information and receive a quote on what you will make for your supplies.
  • We will mail you a shipping kit with a pre-paid shipping label enclosed.
  • Place your products into the provider green shipping mailer and check to make sure the information on the shipping label is correct. Seal the shipping mailer and drop it off at your nearest post office. 


Once our facility receives your kit, we will check to make sure everything is accurate and accounted for. This process is done on the same day as receiving. Once we have checked the items, we either send out your check or send your payment to your PayPal account within the next business day. Ready to sell your diabetic supplies, visit our website to get started!

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