Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips?

Maybe you’ve seen one of those signs on the side of the road or gotten an ad while scrolling on the Internet and caught

How to Save Money on Test Strips

With over 30 million Americans living with diabetes, chances are everyone knows somebody who needs a regular supply of testing strips. This is one

How to Make Extra Cash for Test Strips

How Many People are Impacted by Diabetes Almost 10% of the U.S. population is living with diabetes today — that’s 30.3 million people. Diabetes

Why are diabetic test strips so expensive?

These tiny little test strips that cost approximately $0.15 to produce are projected to become an almost $13 billion dollar global market by 2021.

Where Can I Sell Unused Test Strips?

So You Have Unused Diabetic Test Strips You’re Ready to Sell? The diabetic population in the U.S. alone uses approximately 60 to 90 million

How to best care for your diabetic supplies

Your diabetic supplies include diabetic testing strips, glucose meters, lancets to draw blood and any medications including insulin. Taking good care of your supplies

How to Properly Read Diabetes Blood Test Results

Proper diabetes control and management entail checking your blood glucose regularly, making sure that it is on the healthy range at all times. This

Diet Recommendations for an Accurate Pregnancy Glucose Test

Being pregnant is a huge feat of physical, emotional, and psychological strength. Every woman who has gone through at least one pregnancy can attest

Tips on How to Pass the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test

Every year, 2% to 10% of pregnancies in America are affected by gestational diabetes. A serious threat to both the mother and the child’s

Diabetes Test Kit Buying Guide

The key to managing diabetes is controlling your blood sugar or blood glucose. In order to avoid complications and reduce the risk of nerve

How to Save Money on Diabetes Test Strips

Glucose test strips are an essential part of managing diabetes. These nifty little strips of plastic and cutting-edge engineering are an important component of

Why Do Diabetic Test Strips Expire?

Monitoring and controlling your diabetic symptoms can cause a huge dent in your budget. A piece of the diabetic test strip can cost up